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If Walls Could Talk

Uncovering History

The soon to be Drifters Table will be the 4th eating establishment this property has seen in the last 50+ years. Originally, Bill's Frosty, a small building with walk up windows and about 1/3 the size it is now. Then it became The Cookie Jar and expanding just past the front door. When more dining space was needed, the rest of the building was added on and that is when the board and batten was added over the old siding. Two hard working energetic women purchased the building in the 80's and painted it white with red trim and called it the Country Cookin. I'm told they worked endless hours pumping out amazing breakfast and lunch to locals and passers by.

We won't forget them and what they accomplished. We've collected photos, old menus, and lots of stories to share. Cheers to Women!

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