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At the Table

the best conversations happen at the table

This month we celebrate sunflowers! Take a walk through the garden of incredible sunflowers that will make you feel alive and well. They have a history of healing and have traveled to the moon. They are native to the Americas. They track the sun and need plenty of it along with room.

They tower over the roof of the restaurant and hover around the walkway. Some have been know to grow 20 - 30 feet tall!  

It's been a crazy first three months of opening! Which is why I haven't been blogging lately. But their is still much to write about, just not sure what I want to dwell on? The fact that we were able to open in May as planned, or the fact that we were able to open, but not the way we planned.

Eating out is ALL about socializing and being in public with other people. So it's rather odd having a new restaurant and most are still unsure about getting out, socializing and going to restaurants. I understand it all.

Who knows when the world will get back to normal? Or if a new normal will transcend?

What I do know, I love to cook, I love to see people out eating, laughing, enjoying my food. I love saying hi to new customers and gratefully welcoming the "regulars". And, I hope someday soon to actually meet the take out regulars and have them in for dinner.

Whether you take out or dine out, we welcome you all.

WE hope to see you at the table very soon!!

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