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Drifter Notes

What a difference a window makes

Things are happening here at the Drifters Table! We have been busy installing windows and a new entrance.

The large window in the back of the dining room looks out onto the Summer House at the Gilded Drifter Inn, and the amazing sunflowers in bloom.

We added french doors for the main entrance which will also lead to outdoor seating in the Summer months.

Notice the back dining ceiling is finished in shiplap and the insulation is going up.

I can't tell you what a difference a window makes!! So much light and brightness added to this once dark abandoned place.

For now, we are focusing on the dining area as we wait for the plumbing to get finished and then walls can go up for the bathroom and the rest of the kitchen area.

Today, we are purchasing a trailer of wood that use to be the Sierraville bleachers at the rodeo grounds. That alone says history of the Valley and how we will give it a new life. I am so excited to add this part of history to the Drifters Table!

Installing the old wood on the cathedral ceiling is another story? But that will be another post!

Until next time, keep us ready for your calendar! We can't wait to feed you.

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