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Walls with attitude

The last few weeks have been moving along with much improvement. Our plumbing is finished and we received a green light on inspections.

I've been quite the construction worker lately and learning to use the table saw and finishing nail gun has allowed me to slowly adding a cedar wall around the base of the dining room and in the soon to be bathroom. I was originally going to paint it, but now that I see it on the would be a sin to paint this wonderful wood!

My husband is busy building walls, reinforcing the ceiling and adding more windows.

Next week I will start to clean the old bleachers from the Sierraville Rodeo Grounds and let them dry in the sun for a bleached out look, then start to install them on the ceiling.

I continue to hunt for a chandelier to hang in the finished dining space.

We still have much to do, but I see the light at the end of the tunnel, long tunnel, but non the less it's a small flickering light that keeps us going.

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