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Setting Sun

A time of patience and pie

I love the sunrise and sunsets, the wide open valley, the birds, the flowers and I even fell in love with Winter again.

It's been a dream, a long time waiting, a small little family run, rest your weary legs, have a bit of wine and dine kind of place. The patience needed to fulfill what in your mind was the perfect place, and then to put it on paper, recreate it in a space that is warm, inviting and delicious. So, you have a little road block, ok actually a huge road block. It isn't exactly what you had in mind, but you still get to create and recreate what you want to serve.

Our lives have been redirected for the time being and I'm not going to take it sitting down. The town of Loyalton, my friends, family, facebook followers, past customers and clients have patiently been waiting for that little restaurant on Main Street in the "Loneliest Town in America" to open it's doors.

Redirection in the simplest form, a little of this and a little of that, is what it's all about.

Finding ways to cope, create, direct and deliver. After all, "it's the little things in life."

Like....A Whole Pie and A Bottle of Wine.

Starting May 1st we will be offering a limited take out menu, including a whole pie and a bottle of wine.

Stay tuned, more details on the way!

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